Investment choice
  • Did you know that your benefit in your retirement fund is probably the single largest asset you will ever own? Most people do not realise this.
  • Also, did you know that very few people worry about whether they will have enough money for their retirement until closer to the time? Of course the problem with this is that you may be left with too little time to rectify the situation should it emerge that you have made insufficient provision for your retirement.

As you are on a Defined Contribution arrangement, the investment returns earned by the Fund have a direct impact on the amount of your retirement benefit. Given that this is probably the largest asset you will own, it is probably worth thinking more about its investments and the risks you face now. 

The Fund provides an default investment plan (the so-called life stage model), which is intended to build members’ retirement capital prior to retirement and protect this capital as retirement approaches.

In this section you can learn more about:

  • The main asset classes in which you can invest your pension savings
  • The key investment risks you face as you of the defined contribution section
  • How the Fund’s life stage model works
  • Choosing your own portfolio
  • Common mistakes members make when investing
  • Fact sheets on each Portfolio

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