Spouse's cover

This benefit is there to insure the life of your spouse, if you are married or have a life partner. 

What benefit is paid?

In event of the death of your spouse, a benefit of one times your annual remuneration is paid to you. However, once your spouse reaches the age of 65 his/her life will no longer be insured.

It is important to note that this benefit ceases when you cease to be an employee of PetroSA i.e. when you retire or resign.  

What is the definition of “spouse” for the purpose of this benefit?

The definition of spouse includes the person: 

  • to whom you are legally married, or
  • who is your partner in a customary union, or 
  • with whom you have a committed relationship and are living together with permanently, provided that you have been doing so for at least 6 months and provided you have registered him/her with PetroSA as your spouse for this purpose.

It is critical that you inform PETROSA of the existence of your spouse. If you do not, then it is assumed that you are single.